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in 1999 i bought a personal organiser (palm Vx) from the Indigo Shop (i got it for £60 less than the high street with free delivery & leather wallet)

On telling my good friend denise cox [] that I had obtained a personal organiser, she asked me.

d_c. “does it work?”
bhg. “of course it works; its new!”
d_c. “no i mean does it work, are you more organised?”

the penny drops. nice one denise. i am the most disorganised person I know(i also write long paragraphs like this one). so why do i achieve so much. disorganised chaos. In 2006 a few things helped me continue my disorganised life. WebCal became standard in doop, I began to exclusively telework and I sampled collaborative document sharing via google docs. I get my news fix by RSS, I cut down my podcast subscriptions to the bear essentials, and I have almost cut out all TV except for motorised satellite feed searching, podcasts replaced my radio listening in 2005, and I don’t do gaming (never have). But all this help gives me more chances to say “yes” to people, when I should say “no”, also teleworking needs its discipline… but I will take a bit of indiscipline versus commuting.. I have worked out I am saving 20 days on zero commute, (24hr days or 60+ business days saved) thats TWELVE weeks a year for a 2 hour commuter. Attending meetings that are not via VOIP like real F2F meetings that aren’t sales, well to me that’s not commuting, its a travel expense… so if workers are in control of their business and can telework, then there is a 16% plus time bonus available.

So if I can realize the new time expansion what will I spend it on? “agitate educate organise” or more like organise, educate, agitate. to be continued.

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