HSE shoots self in foot and bleeds to death in crowded A&E court case

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reading my rss feeds I get confused

breakingnews.ie “The Attorney General today insisted there was nothing preventing a teenage girl fighting to travel to Britain for an abortion from doing so.”

ireland.com “The District Court has refused to grant a teenage girl the right to travel to Britain for an abortion.”

OK AG works for the Govt. HSE works for the Govt. ? HSE stop Miss D by calling the Garda and also the Passport Office?. Garda work for the State/Govt. Passport Office work for the State. The HSE while in the court case over the weekend go to the district court to see if its ok to export the problem they started and the court says no. The Courts work for the State. HSE should be accused of shooting its self in the foot. AG is politicking and the Govt. should be shamed, it has failed to legislate for the X case. FG on lunch time radio Monday (its leader) says he won’t legislate for X. We can not export all these cases. We the people voted to legislate along the lines of the ruling in X case so case C & D would never happen. Shame on Bertie & Mary & Michael. Shame on Enda for the future inaction he promised today. I can now see how DUP & SF will get along on issues like this one. An all island approach to avoid legislation to grant the citizens of a republic the legislation that enshrines a Supreme Court ruling, a case that was settled by referendum no less.

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