2000 – 9000 miles

Caracus 9000 miles from the closing shots of Gregory’s Girl (Film 1981) 2000 miles KT Tunstall

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Twitter 2007 posts

my 2007 posts to date are here tiz the season of top 100 lists. I will try and draw a list of top ten posts… do i have to read all of them? yes I wrote them, i inflicted them on my followers. I hope I find ten worthy of repeat. candidates Do you feel…

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Barking Newz: Mahon Tribunal find what they are NOT looking for on GoldenPages.ie

GoldenPages.ie Deep Link to tribual answer Since when did the minister for finance get his picture on the notes ? but the tribunal did find   Drumcondra Laundry [here] its a matter of laundrette versus laundErette the truth will come out in the wash. this has the makings of a film or a musical. its already…

seasons greetings from doop

looks like twitters smokin’ to all our clients and the readers on this blog too. Happy Holidays. doop.ie

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C60 pod

Its possible to fit a iPod 5th Gen (30/60GB) inside a C60 compact cassette box and with a few mods to the box, operate the ipod including the click wheel through the cover. Holes pierced for the Headpones, a channel etched for the key lock and slot for the USB connector and the tapes cog…

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Justice for Kirsty

its seven years since the untimely death of Kirsty MacColl. As many download her music this season (she’s number one on iTunes again this year) spare a thought for the campaign for justice in the case of he tragic death. details here. October 10, 1959 – December 18, 2000

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