Céad míle fáilte to Bulgarian and Romanian citizens

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Dublin People Group website has been polling for seven months on the question

Should Bulgarian and Romanian citizens be allowed work in Ireland when their countries join the EU

Over 2300 web respondents are voting 3:1 yes

full details here
Our Government don’t think the same! there are extra restrictions in place for visitors from these countries.

Bulgarians and Romanians will be required to have a valid work permit to take up employment within Ireland, and will continue to be subject to a labor market needs test.

Fascinating article by Colin Murphy in Le Monde Diplomatique titled “If you ever go across the sea to Ireland

the tale of Polish construction workers in Ireland. the boss is quoted as saying

“There’s payslips here if they want them,? he said. “If they were being paid as badly as that, why didn’t they leave??