Chuck Berry Red

Love and Death and an American Guitar  from the 1981 Bad for Good LP this was the b-side to the radio hit uk/ireland for Jim Stienman called ‘rock n roll dreams come through’ it turned up again as the intro to the bat out of hell II track wasted youth by meat loaf in 1993

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they came, they saw, they felled

caught live on community radio Near FM, john haughton is on air as Fingal County Council subbies fell the trees of Stapolin, he takes me live on air before the sig tune fades and the sound of shredding begins. Hear the MP3 below. Thanks to Near FM for the recording.

saturday morning in my house

20th October – warm and sunny and at 53rd northern latitude, the birds are far from hibernation this is the sound of my saturday, aren’t the kids quite.

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Che Tower

Built in Dublin ahead of time ahead of budget and ahead of U2 Tower

wrong so wrong

ricochet bowing goes ‘wrong so wrong’ as my RTÉ dtt recording fails. eleanor mcevoy an RTÉ tv 19/10/2007

CQ Che Guevara

A revolutionary fighter – What is Che’s relevance today? “ is not for revolutionaries to sit in their doorways of their houses waiting for the corpse of imperialism to pass by? (Second Declaration of Havana, 1962) read how Che used radio to make revolution happen in Cuba Revolution! Clandestine Radio and the Rise of Fidel…