anti tinky winky sentiment voiced in poland

[media network blog] The European Commission reaffirmed its attachment to media freedom today when asked about a Polish plan to investigate the Teletubbies children’s television show for allegedly promoting homosexuality. The move by children’s rights watchdog Ewa Sowinska appeared to be the latest step in the conservative Warsaw government’s drive to curb what it sees…

water into wine

how can you turn £30,000 into $45,000 ? as jimmy rabbitte said at the end of the commitments “I’m f*cked if I know, Terry!”

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going underground

as Friday / Saturday unfolded a song hit my head. well a line from a song “The public gets what the public wants” and then i started twittering it. The following tweets are all taken from the lyrics of the Jam’s Going Underground. Irish Election Jam1: The public gets what the public wants (but are…