I felt embarrassed

[debate] The Taoiseach: The Deputy is right. I felt embarrassed a few evenings ago when I watched a country with a population of more than 60 million people receive the results of its highest poll ever – 85% of the population – within two hours. The Taoiseach: With a bit of luck our election results…

and my holidays begin

for the next 26 days I will be holidaying in Portmarnock & Malahide working on the Clare Daly Campaign, don’t expect a drop in posts here! and expect an increase on the twitter front, all the news thats fit to twit. I heard the news on the 3am RTE Radio 1 bulletin. Voting will be…

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houses built of cheese

Anglo Irish Conspiracy #6 taking podcasts to a higher place. no drugs or cheese were hurt in the making of this podcast.

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mother bored

first invented for children’s entertainment and folksy guitar playing this model went on to greater things. {final upgrade of eprom chip before switch on} shane hegarty has a election piece on time past over on the ireland.com blogs

Irish Health

as seen by fox news DUBLIN, Ireland — A Dublin hospital apologized Thursday for telling a family their relative was dead, only to discover he was still alive when the morticians arrived. The patient, identified only as a disabled man in his 30s, was checked in to the Mater Hospital in inner north Dublin during the Easter period, where…

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