wireless internet radio

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wireless DECT Internet radio. today’s project to make a DECT phone become a wireless skype phone [see instructions] well I only got half way which is where I really want to be. Now instead of a dial tone I have streamed Internet radio on any DECT on channel. Attack & success was exactly as it stated in the instructions and total time spent was about 30mins and another hour trying to find the weller iron. Once the iron came out the questions started “is that science dad?” said vanessa(10) “yes it is (a soldering iron)” i said. I have a range of 300M but I reduced it to about 50 (I like to see as far as I transmit so if you drive by I can see you) and the audio is very good. I tested it with some weekend air america radio for 4 hours and phantom fm are on now. btw phantom are to have a scary halloween start on 105.2 FM in dub-bill-in on October 31 WELCOME BACK LADS!
Down side of this wonder project is that DECT is 2.4G and prolonged use close to the head is … painful warm and groggy. pro hunter wireless camera detector has massive radiation on tx or handset and base, long term solution is short term use, or lower freq. stereo sender, now comreg made them legal.