The GAMA strike – DVD

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In 2005 a group of Turkish workers made history in Ireland when they took on their employer, Turkish-owned multinational construction giant GAMA. Assisted by the Socialist Party, whose members first exposed the scandalous wages and conditions being paid by GAMA to its Turkish workers, they engaged in a bitter and hard fought battle which eventually brought GAMA to heel.This DVD documentary captures the historic struggle waged by the GAMA workers for justice. It shines a light on the gross exploitation that is the dark side of Ireland’s economic growth. It demonstrates that rather than migrant workers being used to undermine pay and conditions, with organisation, action and solidarity decent pay and conditions can be won for all workers.

A premiere has been organisaed for Thursday 27 July in Wynn’s Hotel, Abbey Street in Dublin where the first ever public screening of this heroic story will take place. There will be short presentations by a GAMA striker and Joe Higgins TD. Tickets €5

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