the business of podcasts

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enough retro? i think it is great to look back on the time and see where we were at, and in a way, during the dot bomb fallout not a lot happened… 2001-2004 .. discuss. 🙂

as the wavelinks series was from esearch, it once again involved me working with my very good friend denise cox of newsweaver whom I have known now for over 11 years of internet, wherever denise is at, I somewhere near by doing something similar and our paths always cross.

I teamed up with denise this month to bring podcasting to her very excellent newsletter “the business of email

podcast your content

I’m delighted to be able to say I’ve now done a podcast! It wasn’t as big a challenge as I thought it’d be. Podcasting expert Brian Greene of DoopDesign and I discussed content that works in Podcasts. He recorded our conversation – and here it is. (Length: 11 minutes)

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