Sony v Lidl dictaphone

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I wanted a Sony ICD-MX20 Digital Voice Recorder but the Harvey Normal sales guy sent me to Lidl where dictation machines are €14.99 this morning. Sinead in work picked up the MX20 with 2GB card this evening, but the Lidl offer at the other end of the spectrum is interesting. What could you do for €15? bug a room and save batteries with the VoR (voice operated recording), record a Tanaiste about telephone calls to the aras? or crack open the battery compartment and with 4 inches of 2 core screened audio cable make a really cheap and effective iPod amplifier. as seen here.

when bugging it can be important to let one party know that the recording is taking place (for training purposes) even if that party is you (this does not constitute legal advise)

review of MX20 on Friday @ ~1pm here.

see also Tom Raftery IT on mp3 DVRs & telephone recording

Categorized as technology