She dreams of 1969

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She dreams of 1969
Before the soldiers came
The life was cheap on bread and wine
And sharing meant no shame
She is awakened by the screams
Of rockets flying from nearby
And scared she clings on to her dreams
To beat the fear that she might die

And who will have won
When the soldiers have gone?
From The Lebanon
The Lebanon – Human League – The Lebanon [video]

Israel, Iraq, India, Iran & Ireland Countries begining with I

Only Terry Wogan thinks we won the Eurovision so many times as Ireland never invaded anyone. WE HAVEN’T WON THE EUROVISION FOR YEARS. mmm Shannon Warport!

my myspace is open for business at ;its more a single (solo) white female singer songwriter board than a ‘place for friends’ as I have none..! also blogging at and writing ideas down in my note book… if I don’t lose this note book I will take over the world some day with my ideas, once I take it over I will of course give it back to the people.

1. teaching the kids to be self sufficient with rising house prices, keep your lego

2. the Castle in Galway where I played the all night wedding for Niall & Sarah

3. Sophie watching iPod cartoons

4. Blanchardstown shopping Centre roof

5. Charlotte on Dónal’s classic bike

6. the dudley note book, 99c in pride n joy