radar love

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the local council wouldn’t like a rash of applications for private radar installations. so enjoy the functions of a black box that listens to beacons of commercial airliners, sent on 1090MHZ that converts this data to a private radar on the screen of your PC. It has a range of 2000 miles but that is all dependant of the signals you can receive.

I caught this on Dr. Dish TV where they showed how CIA rendition flights were exposed with this method. Dr Dish is on 24 hours a day for the holidays.

So this home radar kit will set you back €750 plus you will need a computer. its called the sbs-1 and is available from these guys. (PLEASE NOTE. THE SBS-1 IS NOT UK CAA APPROVED FOR THESE USES.) Anyone in the Irish Anti War Movement should look into one on these near every air field in ireland. Log all movements and share the data with amnesty international et al. Until mine arrives its aertel 575 & Shannon Tower: 118.70.

When I’m feeling lonely and I’m sure I’ve had enough
She sends the comfort coming in from above
Don’t need no radio at all
We got a thing that’s called radar love
We got a line in the sky
We got a thing that’s called radar love
radar love – golden earring – 1973

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