O’Toole’s Law

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remember O’Toole’s law, it states “Murphy was an optimist” Well outgoing Boston Police Commissioner Kathleen O’Toole will have to be optimistic as she enters gangland Ireland with Donegal and the Garda reserve issues as a back drop.

As the murder rate in Ireland rises, it would be nice to hear that O’Toole left a job where she saw murders decline year on year, but what state of play is O’Toole stepping down from? and is she stepping Out of the Frying Pan Into the (line of) Fire?

O’Toole has been Boston commissioner for two difficult years. She came to the post as the city was reeling from the death of a young college girl who was killed by a stray pepper gas pellet, shot by police into a crowd celebrating the Red Sox entrance into the World Series. Safety on the city streets has only gotten worse as O’Toole’s tenure continued. Violence has increased to a point where shootings have become an everyday event; last week one person was shot each day.

Crime in Boston is at a ten year high. Homicides are up 53% from this time last year. A violent street culture has emerged with an increasing number of 15-24 year olds carrying and using guns. Murders happen on the subways, in the streets, in homes, and in schools with alarming regularity.

But will O’Toole find an easier time in Ireland? Statistics say no. According to Gardai numbers, overall crime incidents are up 8% from last year. These crimes range from petty theft of bicycles to rape and murder.

Did O’Toole keep Boston from an even more dramatic rise in crime, or did she drop the ball? What will her impact be on the violent crime in Ireland? What motivated her more? Was it a need to move on from an increasingly difficult job, a desire to take on a new challenge, or the need to be closer to her daughter who is currently attending college in Galway.

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