The Constituency

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claredalyspRTE podcasting goes from strength to strength, hear here ‘The Constituency’ presented by Rachael English (the ex wonderful voice of tea time intelligent current affairs) This episode features Dublin North where Clare Daly of the Socialist Party is polling well.

RTE now has about 30 podcasts in its podcasting offering. And I like to listen to them via web based aggregator. (where is that iPod i got last Nov 16th?)

When episode one of the constituency was airing I was leaving the radio museum in Cork Gaol, I rang my brother and said, can you record a show at 6.05pm RTE Radio 1 via 28E from PC DVB card to Hard Disc. I think he did record it (and thanks) but at the end of the show they announced that wonderful value add, “this show is available on podcast” ooooh very nice, very nice indeed. I would guess such a show in the life time of its series run could double its reach on podcast. Way to go RTE.we want more. we want more. we want more. the encore call went……