Huge anger as the South Dublin Bin Tax Increases by €2

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Huge anger as the Bin Tax Increases by €2 per Tag and Waivers drop from 21,000 to 9,700 in South Dublin.

Campaigners against the Bin Tax have called a protest at the South Dublin County Council meeting at 4.30pm next Monday 13th. They are protesting at the €2 per tag hike in the charge and the slashing of waiver recipients by more than half.

“We always said the Council gave out waivers to everyone who applied and even some who did not, during the height of the campaign and kept the price low in order to get the Bin Tax system up and running in the face of massive opposition. The Chickens are now coming home to roost with waivers slashed in half in the past 12 months and the charge now heading up towards the more typical amount nationally of €15 to €23? said Socialist Party Cllr Mick Murphy who is also the Secretary of the Campaign Against the Bin Tax in South Dublin.

Official figures also show that for 2005 there was no significant increases year on year in the amount of re-cycling. This despite Mick Murphy putting down motions on three separate occasions arguing in different ways for the extension of the green bin service to include glass & plastic and to be collected twice a month. Each time a different lame excuse was given as to why this would not happen.

“The bin tax is a double tax and the money being collected (€6 million each year) is not going into re-cycling as was suggested by the Council when the tax was brought in. The bin tax should now be scrapped and central funds should be used to dramatically extend the re-cycling system? said Cllr Murphy.

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