he who pays the piper calls the tune

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[enn 30/06 reports] UPC is to commence roll-out the first phase of its ‘triple play’ services across its NTL Ireland and Chorus broadband networks.

here on 21/10/2004 we reported “NTL Ireland withdrew its Dublin phone service 12 days ago without notice or even a supporting cust care line, many customers listening to the Saturday evening news learned that the service had been withdrawn, there was a “health & safety” issue with the installed device…”

NTL had previously rolled out a 3in1 service with adverts titled “3 birds 1 stone” to market TV/internet/Telephony all from one provider, it failed to move its broadband on cable out of trial areas and it the withdrew its phone service. To add insult to this it got clearance to increase its fees (in Dublin by 34% in a single hike) to allow analogue customers fund the roll out of their digital service while NTL injected terrestrial signals into the analogue system when digital pictures were available.
if NTL / Chorus decide that one of the 3 triple plays is too hot or OVER HEATING, and becomes a h&s issue again leaving customers high n dry, will ComReg stop them ? heck no, regulators increase NTL’s ability to raise tariffs by more than 50% over a series of rises almost inside 12 months.

alternatively FTA TV gives the odd gem like 12480V 27500 Film Four Weekly free to air as well as 8 x BBC tv and 5 x ITV tv fta not to mention the best suite of radio stations in the world, free. Still no RTÉ FTA….