Haughey Moriarty Baldoyle & Iraq

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some people on the news at one on rte radio complained about the availability of the moriarty-tribunal report. sure its in PDF here

as the Planning Tribunal (the other tribunal into payments to politicians) is looking at the Baldoyle lands module, I scanned the moriarty-tribunal report for Baldoyle (where i live).

3-16 On 19th February, 1979, Mr. Phelan again met with Mr. Haughey at
the Department of Social Welfare. Mr. Haughey had complained of interest
rates, which were undoubtedly extremely high during this period, following
which some tentative discussions by way of negotiations took place. Mr.
Haughey proposed to pay a sum of £200,000.00, which seemingly was
expected by him from some development in Baldoyle and referred rather
vaguely to some other possible sources of funds. Mr. Phelan then pointed
out and Mr. Haughey admitted that even such a £200,000.00 reduction
would still leave interest charges beyond the customer’s capacity to meet.

3-17 ….There was mention of two sources of funds, one being
Baldoyle, and of the Gallaghers no longer being necessary. Additionally, the
possibility of Mr. Haughey introducing a £10 million deposit from the Iraqi
State Bank was mentioned by him, in relation to which there had seemingly
been an initial unfavourable response from the Central Bank,….

3-21 … With regard to
the references to a Baldoyle development in which he had an interest, he
said that this puzzled him, and must have reflected some confusion, as the
Abbeville lands were his only possibility of raising a substantial sum of
money, and he absolutely ruled out any involvement in any Baldoyle
development. He did recall something in relation to his having mentioned
a large deposit from an Iraqi bank: Ireland was then in dire financial straits,
and this was one of many instances in which persons came from places
like the Middle East, and offered money at lower rates than were current in

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