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The Campaign for Commercial-Free Education (Ireland) was established in 2005 to address the increasing advertising and sale of commercial products in Irish schools. It is a grassroots body of teachers, parents and concerned individuals who believe that students should not be subject to commercial marketing during school time. The Campaign for Commercial-Free Education will promote student-centred education, media awareness and the democratic mission of schools where students are considered citizens and not consumers.

at last I learn about this fight back.

“FREE? boxes of floppy discs (online price €12.50) require a mere €4,100 revenue for Tesco.
if your school give a commercial company €4K of business and they give the school a poxy box of discs, it time to ban them from schools.

known as cause related marketing it is described as “a commercial activity by which businesses and charities or causes form a partnership with each other to market an image, product or service for mutual benefit” there is a big winner, the company that gains loyalty and sales, there is an exploited partner here too, an non existant ICT spend by central govt. is excused for crass commercialisation of the classroom, the pupil their relationship with, their parent, their right to choose where to shop without undue pressure and, a minister for education who doesn’t care to stamp it out, What if apple & dell were contracted to build a PC for every classroom and a tablet for every child (dream on) but what if they did, what could the marketeer do about it, SFA. Therefore this shambolic govt allow this to happen by a. not stopping it and b. not removing the need. The minister states “The Minister requests that schools consider carefully the implications of allowing any situation to develop which would result in parents being put under undue pressure to purchase a particular product….The Minister requests that school authorities following, consultation with staff, to formulate agreed school policies in relation to commercial promotions.? (Circular 38/91)

ie carry on regardless, she didnt take that stance with teachers on the irish ferries march!our so called free education system has started to send home this years insurance schemes and covenants and fees and photocopying expenses and irish dancing adverts for over 5 miles from the school and stage schools and basketball.. when will people stand up and say no.. in 1976 my mother did.. and the solution.. drama teacher continued with paid for class and I was removed from the class room, mother was right then and she would be now. Not one to settle for that sorta crap she got elected to the board and changed the system from within [hello ma, if yer reading]

T€$co keep yer bleedin computers, get your providers to take the salt out of the food and stay out of schools, you are only encouraging the PD/FF slow train to neo liberalism, and they would let supermarkets replace the church if they thought it would drive down spending while removing control from state teachers and parents.

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