budget day 2 card trick by Cowan

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two things I have thought about the budget (wednesday in Ireland). if the finance minister (brian cowan) takes 1% of the bottom rate of tax he takes it off the top too.. its automatic. you follow my simple economics here… so watch this simple bud get day tax trick, take 1% off the top and the lower paid get 0% off, dontcha just wanna meet him in a pub on Baggot Street later that night and tell him how much his party has screwed up.

Then watch what he does for his next trick, this trick began last year but this year it really hits home for the first time. What do you give the minimum wage earners (young / exploited / guest workers) for a tax break? ABSOLUTELY nothing, not because he is a mean tight arse, nor is he giving it all away to his rich developer friends for power stations or horses etc. No, nothing, because, gone is the ability to give this sector of very low paid workers any crumbs from the table anymore as they are OUTSIDE THE TAX NET… that wonderful thing they promised to do, now has an extension, no tweaking on the bands or the rate of tax can help those who don’t pay tax as their wages are so low anyway, and the minimum wage can’t help, because if it increases it will put them back into taxation, and its in the hands of so called “social partners” anyway. Simple rule of FF economics ‘you can not be blamed for not giving a tax break to those outside the tax net’.

I have many problems with the free market, for starters its not free & its not a market, if you are in need of housing, call the fáil they know developers.

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