europe’s mardi gras

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in europe we dont have the weather for an open air celebration of gay music so we hold it in barn yards in Co. Cork etc.

this years hopeful is Brian Kennedy…… semis in 2 days…. brian was quote as saying

  • “Our rehearsal today was even better than our first one the other day,? said Brian Kennedy of Ireland. “Again, the sound people were fantastic. They were incredibly supportive. They must be so tired but they seem to have found energy from somewhere. And it was so nice to hear people clapping after the rehearsal.?
  • “My favourite Irish Eurovision entries?? he said. “Johnny Logan stands out because that was the first time I was old enough to stay up and watch. He wore this white suit like John Travolta but was Irish and sung in an Irish accent. And our last winner Eimear Quinn is another who stands out.?
  • “I had no idea that I could sing,? he said. “I was one of those annoying children who wouldn’t stop humming. I think singing is something that chooses you, not the other way round. I’ve never had a vocal lesson in my life.?

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now all I have to do is tape it pvr it as Im gigging that night;

favourite winner: 1979 Israel : “Hallelujah” performed by Milk And Honey