Does McDowell believe in our system or not?

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McDowell said today that “it would be quite impossible to set up a system such as we have which is praised by the UNHCR as one of the best in Europe and at the same time agree to set aside its provisions at the demand of people who are requesting that a different approach be taken”
one year ago he said
“If the Irish people had even the remotest idea of the nonsense that lies behind a huge amount of these bogus claims, the patience of a lot of people would be tried very hard. I would much prefer to have a system where I could have an interview at the airport, find out the cock-and-bull stories and [put them] on the next flight, but unfortunately the UN Convention requires me to go through due process in respect of all of these claims.” Michael McDowell: Rte News 18th May 2005

I think he is cherry picking his dislikes and likes of our system to make TV sound bites. Welcome to the political system that can not remove a McDowell.

How many Afghans will die before he does a u-turn, don’t answer that, turn out tomorrow and support the plight of these men, St Patrick’s Cathedral 2pm, inside is a disturbing story, outside is getting ugly as racists and racist groups start to counter demo the men’s supporters. now is the time..

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