w800i the drawbacks

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1. It has crashed 4 times in 10 days; usually between camera and calls;
2. Data (podcasts, songs) placed on the Duo, not always makes it into the TOC of the player;
3. RDS display stopped working, I cant find the setting to restart it;
4. head set sucks at being comfortable, slides and sticks on my neck; XDA head set much better.
5. the wiring is bulky for charger and usb;
6. the TXT space char is on the # key not 0[zero] like nokia,
7. camera needs steady hand (isn’t that all digi cams?)

on the plus side
1. the mouse is good, reminds me of the 7110 navi roller, not similar but way ahead of regular navigation
2. the sound quality is super
3. the battery life is as good as the claim
4. its my first speaker phone. it also does voice recording, but does not record radio or calls!

Categorized as podcasting