Very Obscene

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Now Brian Goggin earned almost €4m last year
last June 23rd 2006 I wrote.

Aertel p132 reports….

The chief executive of Bank of Ireland, Brian Goggin received a total remuneration (pay plus bonus and pension) of in excess of E2.5m for the financial year 2005/2006.

This is a 31% increase on the E1.9m he received the previous year.

In addition to his basic salary of E1m, Mr Goggin received a E900,000 bonus and a E380,000 payment under a separate incentive programme.

He also received a pension payment worth E168,000 into his defined benefit scheme.

why have sinn fein dropped all /any calls to nationalise the banks… ?

Obscenity has several connotations. Obscenity and its parent adjective obscene take their derivation from the Greek terms ob skene, which literally means “offstage?. This is because violent acts in Greek theatre were committed off stage. It then descends into the Latin word obscenus, meaning “foul, repulsive, detestable?, (possibly derived from ob caenum), literally “from filth?. …

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